Vivian Comma Close

by LJA Brown

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released April 17, 2016



all rights reserved


LJA Brown London, UK

O sole mio, and there are winter gardens without a show ...

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Track Name: Old Money/New Money
Trouble my trouble, can’t get anymore
Trouble my trouble, won’t get anymore
They’ve been acting like they’ve never been poor
There’s a tone they don’t use where they once did before

Brothers and cousins that have walked out the door
Father and mother don’t see me as there own
And the house that was built where once was the war
And the trouble they see I don’t see anymore

The devil in me has forced me to rise
To take as my own a sister for a wife

Who has no guilt in her to show
She was elated just to know
That of the secrets in her bones
Were not of her own

Nobody knows just what she’s laughing about
She’ll see to it that

If there’s a crown that can be placed upon our heads
When all this living leaves us dead
We will go out into the snow
Forever unknown

(If you will go I will go your way
Oh, my soul! What a price to pay).
Track Name: Sunday Psalms
Solemn goes the time in their regency
He has come to find displeasure
That is keen to be released

So he turns to her and asks what can he do?
She screams a laugh,
‘A privateer is all you’ll ever be if you carry on with me’.

Their blue eyes are on their way
And their blue eyes will break the day

Forlorn like a hero he waits for you
Sunday Psalms in his hand and a love
That cannot stand in your way

So you pass right through him
Leave a ghost behind
That will haunt him for awhile,
If only for awhile, it for a while

Your blue eyes will go their way
While his blue eyes have had their day

Go into the night and not look around
For people who might declare themselves proud
To any event that leads to the sound
Of their hearts
That leads to the sound
Of a bird in song

An opaque kind of light
Fills the room
A curtain drawn
There is nothing much else to do.
Track Name: Hate Your Jazz
She don’t need me coming around anymore
My backstairs strumming is starting to bore
Neighbours are shouting out the Golden Bough
But I’m still reading from the Helm of Awe

The Swan road from the window is calling her name
I didn’t see it coming her flame fare welled
A Garden of Coral and Loki by the pool
Sun of the houses a mind’s worth getting cool

Freya’s tears can come and go as they please
I never needed much from the things she brings
When it’s only dead things dead things she brings
A billow of maidens will wash this all away

Bait gallows in their mouths the valley trout
A wound hoe to keep out the Gunn’s horse outside
He’s knocking on the door and won’t let up
I think a bane of wood will do him some good
Don’t you think it would? Well maybe it would.

I don’t need me coming around here again
She says she doesn’t think we could ever be friends
I sit by the window drinking her tea
She hates your jazz and you hate her poetry

Alas the moon is about and beyond our ken.
Track Name: Laughter In The Dark
In these dreadful days of recalling the ghosts of the past
Picture book and never raining with smoke in the eyes
Somewhere it must be gathered all of the things
Before they let you down

A girlfriend that waited for no one was all that she asked
Sullen mouthed, her hands held aloft as if holding the sky
From a hell of a season, is it wrong that you should want her now

I will wait and know what it’s like
To hold the marble youth we despised
For all that I now desperately lack
Can be carved into the quiet sound
Of laughter in the dark

If the past is pasture will you ever learn
That the prologue you're after is already burned
So tear up the letter and let the leaves
Fall into the grass

Seeming out of place the mole on the back
Dangerous if cancerous so cut with the knife
At once disfigured, is all maligned just to feel the black

A reflection of you disappears
Replaced by something more clear
A light that freezes in time
The awful meaning of what it is
Laughter in the dark

I was never much the type to sing from the heart
Or to ever call it out, the youth we once had

When there is silence
There can only exist
What we almost knew.
Track Name: Dancehall
It’s been our understanding or it’s been a kind of lie
That when your callers hit you it doesn’t hurt inside
We know a lot about you, we know the time aside
But nothing of the matter that hides the saddest star

And if you had to go, well where would you go

The roundabout proposals, the shifting points of view
Of all the grave misgivings that have given up on you
A pose to fix in silence and sit there for a while
The notebook idly looks on the suitor’s passing smile

And if you had to dance, well who could you ask
The taking of the task, the master in the mast

In the dancehall
In the rolling of an eye
In the needle
In the moment that you died
When you wake up will you ever need
The pieces they send
Pieces in the sand

All of this heavy weather, all of this so and so
A copper-bottomed fella would have to let you go
Behind the awful curtain, upon the martyred cause
Into the end we dream of when dreaming never ends

And so it came to pass, so it came to pass
The master in the mast, the bastard in the tank

In the dancehall
In the rolling of an eye
In the needle
In the moment that you died
When you wake up will you ever need
The pieces of him
The pieces that he left

And if you had to dance, well who could you ask
And if you had to go, well where would you last

Doleful in extreme, the room was never clean
Axioms are untrue, the bough has split the broom right through
And in this gloom certain latitudes are given to
Oh, breaking though and calling out
Calling out for you.
Track Name: Gin & Altars
Bits of glass on the ground
A table lamp that you found
Skipping off the merry-go-round
Sideways up but always down

I’ve got a rock in my shoe
A mouth of gold is nothing new
Gin and altars all day long
Gin and altars in our song

Silence speaks the words you keep
In a bottle you mistreat

Galleons reach the idle dead
But the berth was in their heads
It’s getting awful grave
Nurse to beer the wound she gave

And with this morning folding down
Like the flags we put out

Streets take on a glow
When you’re walking alone
There’s a fear in his eyes
Which I’ve learned to despise

Even though the cards that were laid on the bed
Could’ve been something he once said

There’s blood in my eyes
No sympathies in sight
Your downy skin alive
St Stephen with a smile
His arms open wide

It’s like when the chosen have already chose
It’s like when the broken have broke all their bones
A festival of light blindsides the right
A juggernaut jack-knifes into my side.
Track Name: Angie In Double Stitch
When a lady’s position is impositioned by a calling of the wild
Can we not say of her that she to be not wild

If not ‘fore me before me and in there to something we all knew
The more unseemly side of my business is still cordial for you

Boo, boo, boo it frightens you
Coo, coo, coo I’m scared to

Translations burr the words misheard
And leave us confused, we deduce
A separate plane of thought rendered
Apart and brought in to view

Screw a queue in lieu of nothing to do
Accrue, assume, abuse anything new

I am no innocent
I will carry myself on your back
In the rain

A bored gift or some such we are waiting for, waiting for
A shard of glass to shake your hand and nothing more
(Well maybe a little more)

Soon, soon, soon we will bloom
Into, into, into the devil’s dew

Pack your bags full of laughter
Make the wedding plans
So much safer

Don’t make this any easier than the sinking of your heart
A wanton wish gets closer to me wanting to leave you alone
I will claim your land as my own and leave a seed to be sown
Restless hands cop an eye full
And will think nothing of tearing you apart

We are forming now as a species too wondrous to be ignored
Take this hand and the floor will open up the shiniest dawn
That you could hope to enter so let’s gather round and sway
No trapdoor to side step over
Only my love that will wither you away.
Track Name: Pick Up Your Windows
Pick up your windows and climb into the day
Tap on the counter and make sure you pay your own way
Underline your name and sign it off to the past
Where you are going they will not even ask

Of days that passed quickly and never were dull
The leaving that this is taking is enough to make you feel odd

Nobody is looking they’re watching their own day
Slip past the camera under the bridge and away
Look up your words and throw them into the air
Watch as they fall down all around their heads

Take out your notebook and read yesterday
Keeping on caring is what makes you them

If you are going it’s as well as you’ve been
Before the shutters all come down and the sun can’t come in
Go on running ‘till you can’t feel your feet
And your hands have raised up your face from the heat

Go on; go on take a run at the sun
At any point you know you can get out if you choose

Patchwork you stories and tie them up in a bow
Make up the endings any place they could go
Nobody will remember it’s all become such a task
There is no difference from here and into the last

Those days that passed quickly and never were enough
The leaving that is an ending is beginning to fall apart.
Track Name: Spring Days
Abandoned unborn by my begetters
I was still dead a few spring days, days ago
No beat in the breast, no breath in me
A kinswoman she covered me in the clothes
The clothes that she wore

No kind but kind indeed
Coddled and swaddled
As close as I had been
A baby of her own

Until as had been shaped, so shielded
Though no kin the unguessed guest grew
Great with life, greater with life
She fended for me, fostered me
She fed me up til I was of a size
To set my own bounds

Oh so much further afield
She had fewer sons
And daughters
Because she did so

The bird that she knew and the bird now grown
Is a cuckoo you see now taking his turn
For the cuckoo in me will push us apart

If we meet again then we should meet again
The girl we both knew laughing so
As if to say in a funny way
How you get there is not what makes you stay.
Track Name: Rosy In The Afternoon
On your way out you know it’ll never be the same
Picking your fights with Old Father Time
But if he’s not around then who’ll pay the tithe

Did you think he had a heart of stone

No one ever asked for the parts that we play
Mary was right to know it that way
With a King and a Crown
It is as you say

But only in a heart of stone

Now they’re gone so throw it away
To the arms openly splayed

And oh! What a heart of stone

Sleep away, sleep away the day
Nothing will come of it anyway
So take up the cross and go it alone

And go there with a heart of stone

What a load does Simon not know
When we go into the darkness of the day

And stay there with a heart of stone

She will go into the night
To be alone by your side
And cry for the last time

But never with a heart of stone

Never with a heart of stone.